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Public Library Ostrava Poruba

Client: Ostrava City Library KMO

These are the newly renovated interiors of the public library in Ostrava Poruba, the adult and children departments. The maximum book fund capacity there is achieved by the dimensional shelves that are situated alongside all walls, passageways and corners of the library. Their color scheme corresponds with the creamy green facade of the building.

The significant elements of the library are the anthracite serving counters, which were designed after consultations with the library service. The simple aesthetics and the soft furniture morphology are based on functional and ergonomic qualities. The emphasis was also placed on the easy orientation in the building. The traditional labels on the shelves were replaced by the distinctive signs on the walls, which facilitate the orientation of the readers. The fresh design of this library underlines the expressive chairs made by well known designer Jerszy Seymoor. They offer comfort to readers of all ages.